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How to Change Puresource 3 Water Filter

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Clean water is the cornerstone of healthy living, playing a vital role in our daily life, from hydration to cooking. However, ensuring the purity of the water we consume can be a challenge. This is where water filters, such as the PureSource 3 water filter, come into play. Water filters effectively eliminate a significant percentage of harmful contaminants from our water, ensuring it is safe for consumption. This post will focus on how to change the PureSource 3 water filter – a critical routine task for maintaining the filter’s efficiency. Regularly changing your water filter ensures that it continues to function optimally, providing you with clean, healthy drinking water free from harmful substances and unwanted particles.

Understanding PureSource 3 Water Filter

The PureSource 3 water filter is a specialized filtration system designed to provide you with cleaner, better-tasting water right from your refrigerator door. It’s engineered to reduce specific contaminants, including lead, chlorine, and other harmful particles that standard filtration might miss. The typical lifespan of a PureSource 3 water filter is approximately six months, depending on your water quality and usage. It’s essential to remain aware of the signs indicating it’s time to replace the filter. These may include a decrease in water flow, a change in water taste or color, or if the refrigerator’s filter change indicator light is on. Regular replacements ensure that you continue to enjoy fresh, pure water every day.

Gathering Necessary Tools and Materials

When beginning the filter replacement process, it’s crucial to gather all necessary tools and materials. For a PureSource 3 water filter change, you will typically need:

  • A new PureSource 3 water filter: Make sure to purchase the original product or a certified replacement to ensure optimal performance.
  •  A towel or small bucket: This will help catch any water that might spill during the process.
  •  Clean, dry cloth: Useful for cleaning the area once the old filter is removed.

Having the right equipment on hand is essential for a smooth and successful filter change. The correct filter model will ensure compatibility with your refrigerator and guarantee the best possible water quality. A towel or a small bucket prevents unnecessary water spills. At the same time, a clean, dry cloth allows you to clean the filter housing area, eliminating any residue or dust that could compromise the new filter’s performance. With these tools and materials ready, you’re now prepared to proceed with the replacement process.

Safety Precautions

Attempting to change your PureSource 3 water filter, it’s crucial to heed certain safety precautions. Water and electricity make a hazardous combination so basic safety measures can prevent accidents.

  • Disconnect the Refrigerator: Unplug your refrigerator from the electrical outlet before starting the process. This step eliminates the risk of electrical shock during the filter replacement.
  •  Turn Off the Water Supply: Before removing the old filter, make sure to turn off the water supply connected to your refrigerator. Doing so prevents water from flowing out uncontrollably once the filter is removed.
  •  Avoid Force: Handle the water filter with care. Applying too much force when removing or installing the filter can lead to damage or breakage.
  •  Clean Hands: Ensure your hands are clean and free of any substances that could contaminate the new filter.

Remember, safety is paramount. Take the time to follow these precautions carefully to protect yourself and ensure a successful filter change.

Locating the Filter

If you want to change your PureSource 3 water filter, you must first locate it. Generally, this filter is found in the top right corner of your refrigerator. Here’s how you can access it:

  • Open the refrigerator door: As the PureSource 3 water filter is located inside the refrigerator compartment, the first step is to open the refrigerator door.
  •  Look at the top right corner: Now, direct your attention towards the top right corner of the refrigerator. Here, you will find a compartment that houses the water filter.
  •  Open the compartment: You’ll see a plastic housing cover that protects the filter. To access the filter, push in on the cover. This click-and-release mechanism will make the cover swing downwards, revealing the filter.
  •  Inspect the filter: The cylindrical object you see is the PureSource 3 water filter. Before you attempt to remove it, please take a moment to observe its orientation and how it is fitted into the compartment. This will be helpful when you install the new filter.

Now that you have successfully located your PureSource 3 water filter, you’re ready to proceed to the next step: removing the old filter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing the Old Filter

To maintain the highest quality of filtered water, it’s crucial to remove and replace your PureSource 3 water filter correctly. Here are the steps on how to properly remove the old filter:

  • Grasp the filter: Position your hand around the old filter, ensuring you have a firm grip.
  •  Push in and pull out: The filter is designed with a push-release mechanism. Push the filter in, and then pull it out. It should slide out smoothly without much resistance.
  •  Be cautious of water drips: As you remove the filter, some water may likely drip out. Make sure you have a towel or a small bucket handy to catch any spill.
  •  Clean the filter housing: With the filter removed, take a moment to wipe the inside of the filter housing with a clean, dry cloth. This helps to remove any dust or residues that may have accumulated over time.

It’s important to dispose of your old filter properly for environmental reasons. Many parts of the filter, including the plastic casing, can be recycled. Check with your local waste management facility to see if they accept water filters for recycling.

Now that you’ve correctly removed the old filter, you’re ready to install the new PureSource 3 water filter, ensuring continued access to clean, healthy drinking water.

Preparing the New Filter

Before installing the new PureSource 3 water filter, some preparation is required to ensure the filter’s optimal performance. Specifically, the new filter should be flushed before installation to remove any carbon residue that could be present in the manufacturing process. Here’s how to prepare the new filter:

  • Unpack the new filter: Gently remove the new PureSource 3 water filter from its packaging. Check for any visible defects or damages.
  •  Position the filter under tap water: Holding the filter under cold tap water, align the filter such that the water enters through the hole where the water comes out during normal operation. This step helps ensure effective flushing of the filter.
  •  Flush the filter: Let the cold water run through the filter for approximately 15 seconds to flush out any carbon residue. This is an important step as it prevents the carbon residue from getting into your drinking water.
  •  Shake gently: After flushing, give the filter a gentle shake to remove any remaining water inside.
  •  Dry the filter: Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the water filter before installation.

By flushing and drying the new filter, you’re taking important steps to ensure your water stays clean and free from any unwanted substances, ensuring you continue to enjoy fresh, pure water every day. Now, with the new filter prepared, you’re ready to proceed with the installation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the New Filter

Installing the new PureSource 3 water filter is quite straightforward. Here are the steps on how to correctly insert the new filter:

  • Align the Filter: Look at the filter housing and the new filter. You’ll notice that the filter has grooves that match the pattern inside the filter housing. Align these grooves correctly.
  •  Push the filter Into the Housing: Once the filter is aligned, gently push the filter into the housing. You should feel a slight resistance as the filter slides into place.
  •  Ensure a Secure Fit: Continue to push until the filter pops into place and is secure. It’s crucial to make sure the filter is firmly seated to prevent any leaks or drips.
  •  Close the Housing Cover: After the filter is securely in place, close the plastic housing cover. This protects the filter and keeps it out of sight.

Now that the new PureSource 3 water filter is successfully installed, it’s time to restore the water supply and the power to your refrigerator. Make sure to check for any leaks around the filter housing after turning on the water supply. In the event of a leak, recheck the filter installation and make sure it’s securely seated in the housing.

Regularly replacing your water filter not only ensures you continue to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water but it also extends the life of your refrigerator by protecting it against potential sediment build-up. Stay committed to changing your PureSource 3 water filter every six months or sooner if your refrigerator indicates that a change is needed.

Resetting the Filter Indicator

After you’ve installed a new water filter, it’s essential to reset the filter indicator light on your refrigerator. This feature is designed to help you keep track of when it’s time to replace your PureSource 3 water filter again, ensuring you always have access to clean and healthy drinking water. Here’s how to reset the filter indicator:

  • Locate the Reset Button: Typically, the reset button is found on the refrigerator’s control panel. In most cases, this panel is located on the outside of the refrigerator door. Look for a button or a key that says “Reset” or “Filter Reset.”
  •  Press and Hold the Reset Button: Press the reset button and hold it for about 3-5 seconds. You should see the filter indicator light change from red to green.
  •  Release the Button: Once the light changes to green, release the button. This indicates that the filter status has been reset.

By resetting the filter indicator light, you’re ensuring that you’ll be notified accurately when it’s time for the next filter change. Regularly keeping an eye on this light and timely changing your filter will help maintain the quality of your drinking water and the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Testing and Final Checks

Once you’ve installed and reset your new PureSource 3 water filter, it’s crucial to run a final test to ensure its optimal functionality. Here are the steps to test the water quality and flow:

  • Run water Through the Filter: To start, run about 3-4 gallons of water through your new filter. This might seem excessive, but it is an important part of the process. This volume of water helps to activate the charcoal inside the filter, ensuring it is ready to filter your drinking water effectively. Not only does this activation process contribute to the quality of your water, but it also helps to check for leaks and to ensure the water flow is steady.
  •  Check For Leaks: While you’re running water through the filter, be alert for any drips or leaks around the filter housing. If you notice any water leakage, revisit the installation process to ensure the filter is securely fitted into the housing.
  •  Sample the Water: After running the water, take a moment to fill a glass and taste the water. It should taste fresh and clean. If you notice any off-taste, it might be necessary to run additional water through the filter or contact your filter provider for further advice.

By performing these final checks, you can confidently enjoy clean, filtered water, knowing your PureSource 3 water filter is correctly installed and functioning as it should. Regular testing after each filter change ensures your ongoing access to safe and delicious drinking water.

Maintenance Tips and

Maintaining your PureSource 3 water filter is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips to keep your filter functioning efficiently:

  • Regular Check-ups: Keep an eye on your water flow and taste regularly. If you notice a decrease in water pressure or an unusual taste, it might be time to change your filter, even if it’s not yet due.
  •  Proper Installation: Make sure the filter is installed correctly and firmly in the housing. Improper installation can lead to leaks or ineffective filtration.
  •  Clean the Filter Housing: When changing the filter, take a moment to clean the filter housing. A clean housing ensures the new filter works optimally and isn’t contaminated by residues.

Conclusion: how to change puresource 3 water filter

In conclusion, the process of changing a PureSource 3 water filter is simple, involving preparation, installation, resetting the indicator, and conducting final checks. Performing these steps ensures that you’re supplying your household with clean, healthy drinking water. This guide has step-by-step instructions to make the process easy and efficient.

Remember, regularly changing the water filter is essential for maintaining the quality of your water and the functionality of your refrigerator. With this guide, you can confidently change your PureSource 3 water filter and enjoy the refreshing taste of clean water.

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